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Hi, I'm Debbie

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About Me

  • I have 20+ years as a finance professional working to drive collaboration, effective decision making and improved results to the businesses I’ve supported.

  • My leadership approach focuses on empowering our people, relying on the data to drive decisions and ensuring successful delivery of results.

  • I am passionate about the importance of education and ensuring we are meeting the educational and developmental needs of young adults.

  • I will work to ensure we have a school board that is working in a collaborative way with the administration and the community to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students.

  • I am committed to making sure we are meeting the needs of all the students in Hinsdale Township District 86.

  • I am ready to work to continue to drive the excellent education that Hinsdale Township District 86 is known for.

  • I will work to make sure Hinsdale Township District 86 is providing a curriculum that enables students to be prepared and successful for when they graduate

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